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Offered Courses - Basic & Advance

We've devised a fantastic method for assisting you in developing a habit of reading the Holy Book online. Over the decades, we've built our academy into a ground-breaking and stable platform for your studies. Our current teaching skills are more than capable of producing fantastic results. We provide courses that focus on enhancing your understanding of Islam to serve you and your family with the greatest possible education. Muslims are invited to use Skype to study the Holy Qur'an. Pronounce words with their correct places of articulation in order to comprehend Allah's message. To achieve this goal, please in touch with us if an online Quran teacher is required.

Reading (Nazra)

We offer a complete course of Holy Quran reading online

The very first stage of Qur'an studying is to complete the standard Qaida foundation course which helps the learner to correctly read the Qur'aan. Upon completing this basic course, many students, particularly children, have begun reading the Holy Quran correctly and fluently. Quran Online Teacher is providing this course for students, children, women, and adults, using the latest teaching techniques and with the assistance of a qualified male or female instructor. Allow us to assist you and your children in beginning to read the Holy Book.


Learn to recite Holy Qur'aan with Tajweed & Qir'at online

Tajweed is an Arabic word that means "to improve," or "to construct a better and proper pronunciation." It is a complete set of principles provided by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for the reading of the Qur'an. Our beloved Prophet (S.A.W.) personally read and pronounced the verses of the Holy Book with Tajweed, hence these principles of recitation apply to the Holy Qur'an. Every Muslim has a religious responsibility to seek knowledge of these recitation laws. It became much simple to join us to seek Islamic education yourself live from us if you want to acquire accurate pronunciation skills. All believers must be able to read the Book of Allah Almighty with proper guidelines to ensure that no errors are made during recitation, as this could change the meaning of the scripture, which is unacceptable.


Memorization of Holy Qura'an for everyone who desires it

Every true Muslim from day one is taught the importance of each and every letter of this Divine Book. All over the world, Muslims Hifz Quran with the intention of gaining knowledge and peace of mind in order to live a secure and righteous life. One of the most important assets of a Muslim’s life is the attachment with the Book of Allah. It is the main source of faith since it is the compilation of the messages that were sent as revelations upon the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Without this final decree, Islam would not have faithful believers. It is evidence of the existence of the ultimate Creator and his manifestations. By studying the word of Allah Almighty, a Muslim becomes a true follower of the complete “Deen”. Not only is it mandatory to read and recite the Qur’an but it must understood with its detailed explanation so that its virtues can be implemented with true love and spirit of the Creator as learning Quran is it's ultimate key.


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