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We have come up with an incredible solution to helping you become habitual at reading Quran online. Over the years we have established our online institute into a revolutionary program to develop a firm foundation for your assistance. Our modern teaching methods are more than adequate to bring positive results with excellence. We bring you exclusively drafted this course that focus on building core concepts and strengthening your knowledge of Islam to provide only the best of education for both you and your family. Muslims should be encouraged to read and learn the Holy Quran on Skype. In order for them to understand the message of Allah, they must first learn to read and recite with proper pronunciation. Come and learn with us through our online lessons and be rewarded as well.

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Quran Reading & Tajweed Learn to recite Holy Quran with Tajweed & Qir'at online

Tajweed means to improve, make better Arabic word for elocution or the right pronunciation. With respect to Islamic teachings, it is a complete set of rules established by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to study the vocabulary and speech used in reading the Qur’aan. The rules of recitation and Tajweed apply to the Holy Quran as our beloved Prophet (S.A.W.) himself read, recited and pronounced the words of the Koran with Tajweed. It is a religious obligation for every Muslim to educate himself with the knowledge of tajweed. If you wish to learn the proper methods of recitation, it is much easier to learn Tajweed Quran directly from us. A Muslim must be able to read the Koran with the rules of Tajweed so that there is no mistake while reciting as that could alter the meaning of the text and such an act is undesirable. You will be able to learn the elocution of the Qura'an at a highly affordable rate. It is as simple as there clicks away and you can get started.

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Quran Memorization Online Memorization of Holy Qura'an for everyone who desires it

Every true Muslim from day one is taught the importance of each and every letter of this Divine Book. All over the world, Muslims Hifz Quran with the intention of gaining knowledge and peace of mind in order to live a secure and righteous life. One of the most important assets of a Muslim’s life is the attachment with the Book of Allah. It is the main source of faith since it is the compilation of the messages that were sent as revelations upon the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Without this final decree, Islam would not have faithful believers. It is evidence of the existence of the ultimate Creator and his manifestations. By studying the word of Allah Almighty, a Muslim becomes a true follower of the complete “Deen”. Not only is it mandatory to read and recite the Qur’an but it must understood with its detailed explanation so that its virtues can be implemented with true love and spirit of the Creator as learning Quran is it's ultimate key.

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